At New Generation Foods, we provide grocery products
for the evolving Canadian multicultural marketplace.

Our product line caters to the South Asian, African, South American (Hispanic), Middle Eastern, and European communities. As well, we carry a wide variety of natural foods that are used for everyday meals to increase healthy lifestyles.

These products include an extensive range of flours, grains, spices, beans, lentils, rice’s, dried fruit and nuts. We offer a wide range of flours to respond to our clientele who have dietary restrictions (e.g. corn, rice, quinoa, sorghum, amaranth, oat, barley, teff, etc.)

At New Generation Foods exceeding customer satisfaction is our main goal. We believe in the three pillars of providing our customers with the highest quality products, outstanding personal service, and competitive prices.

In recognizing and embracing the cultural mosaic of our customers and with the changing lifestyles of healthy eating becoming a priority for many families today, we provide products that support and enhance these trends.

Eating well does not have to be expensive, difficult or time consuming. New Generation Foods supports lifestyle eating choices that are easy to implement and maintain.

Come in and try our Kismet brand and wholesome eating can become part of your destiny!