The Kismet Brand

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Kismet is a word, possibly derived from Turkish, Urdu or Persian, meaning
fate or destiny, a predetermined course of events. The word likely evolved from Arabic قسمة qisma, meaning lot, from قسم qasama, to divide, allot. The word kismet is also used in Hindi, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Albanian, and in some dialects of Serbian as luck.

Eating well and good nutrition is an important part of our well-being as humans. At New Generation Foods, our Kismet brand offers wholesome foods that allow wondrous possibilities for good health.

We take great care to purchase the finest quality products, and are committed to a high level of quality control that comes from cleaning and packaging most of our own products, under the KISMET brand. Some of these products include flours, grains, beans, lentils, rice, spices, dried fruit, and nuts.

Try our Kismet brand and wholesome eating can become part of your destiny!